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Worry Less About Any Man or Woman

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 You hustle. You suffer. You do fasting. You pray in different prayer homes. You rub different oils. Bathe different spiritual bath. Do plenty spiritual work. Pay different fake pastors. Visit different Alfas. Chew different things. And so on. So many stories I've heard and so many life experiences I've listened to women narrate. 

All these things you did and what is your reason? A MAN..

You build a relationship with your fellow woman and you two have suffered together. Cried together. Hustled together. Encouraged each other. Made sacrifices for each other and suddenly marriage happens and you two become enemies. Why? A MAN.

Everyone was born into a family and for decades you have known only your environment and your family members. They've been there for you, stood by you, cared for you and you claim to fall in love, spend your money on him, forget your family and avoid them. Why? A MAN

What about you that spends on a man? You suffer and manage. You borrow. You take loan. You even defraud your family. You invest your money in a man, build him and forget to build yourself. You train a man in school, sponsor his education while you are an illiterate. You even reject serious suitors all because of? 


Favour oil. Attraction oil. Talk and do oil. Follow me soap. Give me money soap. Vagina oil. Kayan mata. Bottle tying. Vagina tightness. Vagina sweetness. Breast sweetner. Sex oil. Marry me oil and soap. Do not cheat perfume. Love only me powder. 

All these for who? A MAN! 

Now I ask, despite all these suffer head, who did you end up with? Otedola? Dangote? Tony Elumelu? A governor? Bill Gates? Dantata? Abi an igbo billionaire. Who? Pls tell me who did you end up with? The wives of these men did they go through what you went through? Or use any of these dustbin you people use?

Another question, the people selling all these things to you, who did they marry? How many investments? What is their worth? What impact have they made? How many NGOs are they running? How many Forbes list have they appeared? 

You know all these things yet you haven't used any to empower yourself or even enrich yourself. Why is there no career oil? Achievement powder? Forbes list perfume? Why? Everything is always centred around a dick. 

Lastly, How many men do all these to get a woman? 

Are you aware the rich marry themselves? They do not need all these witchcraft means to get married to each other. Even the poor people who later became rich, go and ask them if they used all these. They took risks and used every opportunity that came their way! 

Dear women, you need to know your worth and place a value on yourself. You do not need a man's validation! Our fore parents lied to us. You do NOT need a man before you are successful. You do NOT need a man before you know you are beautiful. You do NOT need to do rubbish before a man marries you! 

Every woman is a favour. Every woman has that great thing in her. Bible said, He that finds a wife finds a GOOD thing and obtains FAVOUR  from God! 

Every woman is powerful. You're so powerful that a man should be begging to have you in his life. If YOU were not powerful, why do men steal our menstrual pad? Why do men chop off our breast for ritual? Why do men use us for ritual? Why do men use our pants for money? Why do men use our vag*na fluid for success? How come a woman can use her breast or menses to lay a curse and it will stand? Even a mad woman is still powerful, Yet you belittle yourself and do all sorts just to have a man! 

If you are reading this and you fall in any of these category, shame on you. You have insulted the great woman in you. 

We are powerful. We are strong. Whatever you do, do it for yourself! Do not do it for a man. Go and make that money for yourself. Hustle for yourself. I always beat my chest and say it that I came this far without a man! I did it all alone! I wear my hustling badge unapologetically. Be proud of that hustle that pays your bills. If you like be selling kpomo, sneaks, bra and pant, dried fish, whatever it is you do that is legit and bringing profit, be proud of it !! Stop caging men. Stop it. 

If you set your mind on something and focus on it, give it 2yrs or 5yrs and see if you won't achieve it. There must be a change. You don't need all these suffering just to get a man. You don't! I shared my 5yrs journey with you all and you all saw the difference. Imagine what another 5yrs will look like if I keep up with my hardwork. 

Go and make your money and good responsible men will rush you. Even if you don't make the money, go and focus on self development and see them rush you. These men you see, they know what they want and trust me, the rich responsible men with sense always rush women of substance. 

Question is, ARE YOU ONE? 

When I advise you to join longrich and become a successful icon, you won't listen to me yet you'll get money to buy magic and tie a man. Worst is you people don't tie billionaires. You end up tying a man that you'll manage life with. 

Finally, leave your vag*na alone! You see that paradise, that is the only asset of enjoyment and orgasm you have. If you damage it with cancer, is it your ear that will orgasm? Can't you value your health? Can't you? Don't you even fear all the rubbish you put in? 

If your spiritual things and magic doesn't fetch you a multi billionaire, then you better throw them and work your way up there. 

Longrich is the new kayan mata. 

Even the almighty Jaaruma didn't marry an Arab billionaire. She married her former videographer. Yet you will spend your life savings on blue eye, purple band, this and that then years later you'll write different posts with "hide my id".

Wake up! You have that potential in you!. Dig it and nuture it. It won't be easy but the reward will last forever than these short term magic you do. 

I hope you will listen cos most of you read but never listen.  

No matter how lizard dey do press up, e no go get chest like alligator.

●  Azubuike Chinenye

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