Saturday, September 12, 2020

My Only Survival Means In University Days

 If I talk now you people will say I’m shouting that I need to be calming down. I know I’ve not done this before but to be forewarned is to be forearmed. 

I have kept this for a very long time because one must be patient to see the surface of an issue before digging it deep. So many of you know how close we are but I hope what happened to me will not happen to you. 

The popular yoruba saying, “kokoro to je efo, idi efo lo wa” (one has to be watchful of household enemies). After all we have done together and the memories we have shared together, a whole 4 years together and you choose to do this to me. 

 So there has been this average beautiful girl who wouldn’t want to let me be, base on say the boy na golden boy and drips too plenty. I was too focused to notice her: “can’t you see me” styles and her “Don’t you want me“ advances but all those ones na cruise. Me that Joseph is my most Loved Bible Character.

Well, not as if I did not like Linda but she has to prove she’s not a gold digger. Funds dey, what’s there in having 5 girlfriends, na small thing naaaaaaa but I don’t want to be distracted. So I told my guy how Linda has turned me to her Lord and Saviour, but we gast stay focused for the Grammy. 

I thought my guy got my back oooooo but he fucked up. 

Linda brought cooler ministry for me on one Friday when i went to worship my father which contained beans and plantain, my best food. You guys thought Overcomer will collect the cooler and told her I am yet to be back oooo, instead, my nigga told her that I don’t like her and I won’t eat her food. My best food, baba sent her away…. Hot beans and soft fried plantain. . . . you guys know how delicious this meal taste naaaa

O wrong naaaaaaa, I was supposed to eat her food for dinner because I came back late into the night but Ajayi Oluwatade Augustine dan spoil market. I had to boil indomie and soak garri that night. E pain meeeeeeee ooooooo

If not until last week that I asked her out which she declined because my friend sent her back when she brought me plantain and beans, I wouldn’t have known. Me wey be spec 

Maaa no cash you oooooooooooo

Happy Birthday my Brother, I wish you God’s Abundant provision

I should tell you I Love you but I rather say I Lurr you . . . .

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