Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Black tradition

 The Black tradition

Our land is domesticated by tradition

Africa tradition of inculcation.

Our food is named by tradition

Africa tradition of declaration.

Our herbs and soil portrays our tradition

Africa tradition blessed with fruitful production.

Our mouth speaks louder with fire

With words transporting from one buccal cavity to another.

Our skin tells more of our strength

Oiled with the local ornaments of nature.

Our stream flows in unity

With our clay pot filled with its serenity.

Our mud houses tells of its compartment

With bamboo sticks standing as a pillar of its achievement.

Gray hair speaks words of life

For its age remodeled our step for the future.

Respect pays homage to the old

For the young glue themselves to the wise men mode.

Our dress code makes us look outstandable.

Our dancing steps tells more of our contentment.

Our local delicacies tells more of our origin.

Our locality kept boosting our integrity.

Elizabeth T O Joshua (5/8/2020).

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