Sunday, September 13, 2020

Relationship or intimidation-ship 2

 Relationship or intimidation-ship (continues)

In the year 2018, I went to make my hair at one compound close to my house. When I got there the hair dresser was somehow busy at that time and I was asked to wait for some time. I sat on the Wooden bench beside the wall of the house watching everything that goes and comes. 

My attention was diverted by what I saw, a lady was having a chit-chat with a guy along the roadside and some guy appeared from nowhere and asked her to follow him  inside the house...I supposed that should be her lover. She obeyed him and we heard someone crying from the room for help, I wanted to go there to know what was happening in there but the hair dresser instructed me not to go and said that's how they behave all time under the disguise of love.

After some minute the  guy came out from his room holding a belt looking so furious , he commanded the lady to come out that he want to lock his room up. The lady came out looking so moody and weak , through her eyes you will know that she has been crying for long with bruises all over her body...ahh! this love/relationship or intimidation-ship I asked myself.

 They left, and the hair dresser narrated everything about them to me that the lady had a child for someone but refuses to stay with the man even after he pleaded and confessed to marry and take good care of her wonderfully. She turned him down and decided to follow this guy that beats and disgrace her every minutes of the day because of one stupid love. Indeed love has stolen her sense of reasoning and also blinded her eyes to see properly. How can you love some one that intimidate or molest you all the time?...this is super crazy!!!

Is this Relationship or intimidation-ship?🤔🤔🤔

To be continued

Thanks for your time

Elizabeth T O Joshua

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