Sunday, September 13, 2020

Relationship or intimidation-ship 1

Relationship or intimidation-ship

In a broad sense relationship has to do with the spontaneous flow of emotions transmitting from one person to another or it is the free flow of love one has for his family, friends or romantic partner e.t.c. 

 In our world today relationship is other words refer to as a game of fulfillment without any cordial connection hinged to one another instead it's comes with a lot of complications to despair.

However, relationship is diversified in various terms with numerous conditions attached to it.

 Most persons are in a relationship with someone due to their Target about life while others are in it to underestimate or intimidate someone because of their influence. I do tell people, if you can't love your neighbour as yourself then stay clear from them instead of pretending to like/love them.

I overheard some persons saying "Omo dis life no balance at all," is clearly stated in the Holy Book that the Almighty made everything in His own image and likeness and if to you who is a mere mortal keep complaining about this life not being balance indirectly you're saying God didn't try in his creation perfectly. God is not an author of confusion, this life seems not to be balanced to you because of what your fellow man is turning the earth to.

More so, evil decrement the cruciality of the world by diminishing its countenance gradually to its selfish gain. I could remember the story of a young girl that was married to a man of 70years due  to avidity and later maltreated like a slave in the house. While, her father borrowed some money from this man and couldn't pay back he had no option  than to use his 14years old daughter as collateral due to a lot of pressures to sort out his debt. Too bad this young child was turned into a punching bag with excuses that she was sold as a slave and most be treated as one.

To be continued

Elizabeth T O Joshua

Stay tuned 😁❤️

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