Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Main Secrets Behind Successful Business Ideas

There is a widow here who approached me for details about my business and I asked her to connect with me on WhatsApp so we could discuss better. 

I gave her all the details about the business and the sustainability of the company. She loved it and appreciated my time. 

Then she proceeded to ask me, I just lost my husband and I have about N3m from his savings. What do you advise I do? Should I invest all of it as a stockist in your business or what?

I advised her with a question; Can you be determined to do this business? She said not really then I said no need. She wanted to know why. I explained.

Being a stockist doesn't end at investing. You also need to monitor your investment and how the business operates. You need to also invest your time to understand the basics of the business so that no one cheats you. 

My advise, get registered with the Family Pack and start the business. If you like what you see then invest. 

For further advise, what did you intend doing  initially? She said she wanted to do the drinks business. I supported her idea and told her how to start and what to avoid. 

She appreciated my effort and promised to get registered with the family pack. Guess what? I didn't see her again. I went for a follow up and she said, when you advised me not to start with the 3m, I felt discouraged and thought maybe it is a bad business. 

I laughed and told her that I can see she loves liars. Many networkers out there will hear such and lie to you. They will tell you to invest all the money and see plenty alerts. I cannot tell you lies especially as a widow. I am sorry for telling you the truth and if that's my punishment for saying the truth, so be it. I hung up. 

Out of guilt she came weeks later to register and abandoned the account. 

I am sharing this cos many of you are like this widow. You people love lies. You love to be deceived. You love being defrauded. 

I should have been a Star Director in Longrich under 1yr with the speed I have but see me I am a diamond leader cos I hate to tell lies. I rather tell you the truth and watch you grow than deceive you. 

As I was saying, many of you are like her. When liars come and tell you to invest 10m and get 100k every week, you will run and give them the 10m. When you realise it was all lies, that is when you will have sense.

When someone tells you the truth that you should not patronise some skincare people who whiten you under 7days you will not hear. You will go and buy the cream and when your skin becomes a war zone of rainbow colours you will go back to your friend and cry for help.

A friend will say, don't buy that iphone. Iphone is not sold that cheap you'll disobey and think your friend hates you. Only for you to end up buying packaged fufu.

When you see people with integrity advising you, pls and pls, listen to them and respect their sincerity. Mind how you rush attractive deals that have underneath tears. You will cry oh. 

I said I should gist you what happened. 

Good evening

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