Tuesday, September 15, 2020

A Conversation With An Internet Fraudster

I have always wanting to have an interview with an internet fraudster (Yahoo boys), I want to hear from the horses mouth, why they choose to follow such ignoble path 

Internet fraudster

Off course, they are every where in my neighborhood, it's easy to know them, as they always, live and look larger than life, they flaunt expensive gadget, as ladies hovers around them

Certainly, I have to come down to his level, after establishing a conversation, about how the country is hard, I  told him, I'm willing to join them, only that, I don't want to go fetish, he open up to me that, it's not necessary, that I must go fetish, only that, it would reduces my opportunity of cashing out, he was willing to help me, this gives me an opportunity to ask all my question, 

And I asked, Of all the opportunities around regardless of our economy state, why choosing to steal from people, as their action has led a lot of people to commit suicide and has left many bankrupt and battered. His reply was impressive, 

He said, life is like a jungle. A lion is chasing a zebra, the lion who has not eaten for days is praying to God not to miss out on this opportunity to eat, while the zebra on the other hand is praying also, to the same God, to spare it's life, in the end, God would answer one of their prayer, he said same is applicable, they  pray to God for their client to pay, while their client too is also praying not to be defrauded. He added, in life, it's either you are a predator or a prey, and that, it's better to be predator

I ask again, don't you think it's a bit unfair to stake the image of our dear country for a mere "Morsel of bread" he reply, there's nothing left to protect in country like Nigeria, and that she's beyond salvation, the leaders alone destroy everything and everyone just want to survive 

I ask again, after cashing out, why not invest the money in a business and stop this thing? He said, it's not that easy, he added

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