Sunday, September 13, 2020

Happy Birthday Ogundipe Oluwatosin Moyosore

So many of you don't know this but myself and shubomi Obembe have been dating for a long time.

 We tried to keep it a secret from the public but our friends wouldn't let that happen all because I'm a golden boy that likes to show off. Imagine when iPhone 11 came out, I had to buy 2 for shubomi, one for her to be contacting her friends and another one to contact me alone.

 When shubomi said we should take things slowly, I couldn't stay calm, what was she trying to do? Like she doesn't want to be seen with me or the money I'm giving her isn't enough. That day ehn, shubomi begged me for more than 10 hours promising that she will do anything for me. because of my church mind, I forgave shu-gben-gbe. When I thought that was all, my brother, that was just the beginning...

I just want to tell you people to fear Ijebu people, molebi, I repeat, fear ijebu people. That was how shugbems came to my 5 bedroom duplex in banana island on one weekend. I was actually surprised when she came in but well, she said why should I be surprised with the "can't I come to my boyfriend house again". Imagine, I was already saying wi-pe I've found Gold. 

That was how she entered kitchen and said she wanted to cook my best food.

When did I tell shubomi that I have a best food, or has she now learnt how to cut onions. (I was like cook anything you want, after this food is the main food). That's how she fried plantain and egg oooooo..

 I xha kept quiet because I'm no white man to be eating egg and plantain as best food. As I was xha managing the thing, I noticed she started touching my chest and rubbing my head, I still dinno talk until she said "boo, I'm thinking that we should be doing joint account"... Thats how plantain hook me in my throat and I started coughing. She was so slow to get water but help me thank God. I woke up safe and sound. 

Happy Birthday Ogundipe Oluwatosin Moyosore

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