Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Green Land On Fire

Green land on fire

Green land on fire 

I lie awake tonight 

Wishing of things I can change

I try to convince myself 

But it's all so strange 

Is it me, is it you or him?

Do I try , or are we through ?

Is this the end or new beginning?

Only one can guide this 

When my head is spinning 

Don't push, don't try , don't stress, don't cry 

How can I not mix this up?

I must do a thing to save my things 

In a free forest showered green 

Lies the three zealheads 

Whom their struggles seek to save 

The future of a green giant ground 

Lost in the volume that it's held 

What a youth sat with a thoughtful earnest brow 

A moment by their  side, heard the forest rumbling 

A chest from giant red flower

Striking every tree it's met


Number 1 gaze long at the moment 

Hurrying scene below , saw the symbol of the Greenland as the red flower strives

His face was sorely troubled and perplexed

Shadow of impending harm seemed to his sight to hurry 

A giant tree looks the safes

While fiery brands above the tree 

And the masses that he loved 

The ardor and the strength of youth were his 

But the wild ,reckless avenue of youth lured not his steps 

He stood alone , apart and saw afar 

The sure destruction lowering overhead 

Saw the cursed country where a wrong 

Prevails and right must perish 

With no hand to save 

Standing , bending and kneeling 

Thus perplexed

But not as then in deep dejection plunged 

His face though earnest still was peaceful now 

The danger above shone 

At the peak of the tree 

Is less dangerous than the burning flower 

From the button 

He heard no step, no voice , no seraph saw 

Though confused , 

What can I do , what shall we do ?

My city dwells in complete dilemma 

Take the symbol and deliver it there 

For the tall tree shall serve a bridge 

I have done my own part 

It's left for history to announced.

Abdullahi Auwal.


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