Sunday, September 13, 2020

Bleeding Warriors.


Bleeding Warriors.

"I pray you return with your two legs".

Momma said as we waved bye.

Home we left, not as the best.

But with burning passions as of a hot volcano.

Our choice of path; family hate, but for blood they supported.

As we left, we knew very well.

Not again do we belong to ourselves.

Thus our emotions was fast becoming dead.

Only the love for "Green White Green".

Was daily growing and we do love the feeling.

As we've chosen the gun method to express patriotism.

Whether or not we died in the battle; we cared less.

"We wouldn't give up the peace of Nigeria.

No! Not without defence; we're no weaklings".

This song, we sang in our head but didn't prepare for the cost.

On the battlefield; face to face with death.

The mighty were falling; sounds of bullet rented the space.

Strength failed us, our passion became weak.

Ola! Okoro shouted as I saw him falling on my brief arms.

The iron piece had hit his head; before me, he laid lifeless.

Alas, momma's prayer received a NO.

As warriors this is what we go through.

We bleed yet fight and save on.

A death today and another tomorrow.

But on and on we fight, getting wounded for your safety.

Call us lovers; we're the frontiers.

Call us warriors; we're the chosen ones.

In your love for us; a word of prayer will do.

As we are the ones who faced the fear to keep you safe in health.


#Kenny, your neighbor.

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