Monday, September 14, 2020

How To Get Adsense Approval Using Abante Cart CMS

 How To Get Adsense Approval Using Abante Cart CMS

All this google adsense approval tips have been sharing so far are tested and working fine have been using it and all are working fine just decided dropping the tips for the benefit of all.

I would always recommend you get a new domain cause I can't predict such format for an old domain which must have gotten rejected before. So now get a new domain, before you buy a new domain please do the following.

1. Make sure the domain have not been used before and dumped, use whois to check the history of the domain name you want to buy, making sure it has not been used before.

2. When you must have bought the domain, add the domain to your hosting plan. This is where the work is, when you add the domain to your hosting do not install WordPress, check your cms you will see something like AbanteCart, install it for the particular domain you want adsense on.

3. Now after installation of the AbanteCart you would notice a demo content there, do well to delete all the demo content.

4. Now write 10 unique contents of at least 1000 words, the contents should be on product review thereby adding the price tag also and image, Download your image from pixabay only.

5. Before the completion of the 10 articles, write 5 articles first then apply, when it's under review make sure you write another 5 articles within 3days of applying.

6. Now force people to visit the site at least 10 page views daily to increase the impression, please avoid traffics from Facebook unless you want to condemn the domain

7. Wait for 2 weeks maximum and your adsense will be approved.

8. Please make sure you don't apply with email or device that you have used before, better still go to a cyber Cafe create new Gmail using a fresh phone number then apply their, after two weeks visit the cyber Cafe again to check your application status. 

For those flooding my inbox for adsense approval please Brethrens chance no dey for me have been very much busy, just follow this tips and you will get approved.

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