Sunday, August 30, 2020

How to Get 100% Double Data on Airtel Subscriptions

 Get 100% double data on airtel free, with airrtel 4g sim you get free 100% doudle data

With airtel 100% double data browsing seems sweet I no longer worry about how many megabyte will a movie take before downloading or worry about downloading any app from google play store.
Airtel 100% double data plan is not just a new innovation but is known by just few people, this this entirely different from the normal airtel data plan
1200 – 1gig
1500 – 2gig and so on...


With airtel 4G sim you are entitled to unlimited data offer for 6months..
  • Kindly work into any airtel outlet shop and purchase a 4G sim
  • Ensure is well registered
  • Insert it into for activation after 30minutes make sure you activate the sim that every day of registration, recharge it with at least #100 or else it will be block again.
  • Once you recharge #1000 and subscribe with it you will be giving #3000 worth of airtime to call any network and data worth of 3.5gig
  • If you recharge #500 for subscription you will be giving #1500 to call any network and 1.5gig worth data

You can do this continually for 6months, after exhausting it you can working back into the shop for another sim card and continue enjoying this offer till it last.
NOTE: This work on all phone not like the 4G free  that works on 4G phone only.

How To  Create A Blog And Earn  From It 2020

How to create a blog in 2020 and earn from it

Blogging has been of the top lucrative online business day by day websites and blogs are been created over 2,000 websites and blog are been created daily now we began to wonder why do people hoop into blogging?, what are the benefits of being a blogger?, how do I start my own blog?, how much do I need to start up a blog?.

This are the  major questions I also asked myself  before I decided to take a step and start up something earlier 2016,  procrastination they say is the  killer of time  a time you don’t take advantage of is a  waste time, time they say is money  but let’s ask ourselves how do we invest in the time?.

In our today’s post we’re going to take advantage of the time which they call money by going through HOW TO CREATE A BLOG AND EARN FROM IT  FREE.  I will be focusing on  how to create a blog  on blogspot which is generally known as (Blogger) and taking you through this because this happens to be free platform  where you can earn from as a newbie.


1.      You must have a  active gmail account in case you don’t have one Create Here
2.      Have in mind the name you want to use  for the blog you want to  create
3.      Signin into  to create your blog
4.      After creating your blog navigate to Theme and  add any theme of your choice, you can search online for “free blogger theme” you will get a template of your  choice download and unzip it downloaded  themes  are always in zip for you need to unzip it for it to give you .xml this  is the only format accepted by blogger upload it and customize it to your taste.
5.      Add you header (LOGO)
6.      Start creating your posts and publish it.
7.      Congratulations you just own a blog
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Download Free Mp3Tag And Full Guide On To Setup Using Cpanel,

Free mp3tag download and How to setup, Mp3tag is a tool that helps edit common audio formats 

Mp3tag is a must have for all entertainment blogger how want their website to be recognized for good contents and authority the features of this script can’t just be mention with mare mouth because the use is very essential in the promotion of your music websites, most Nigerian top entertainment websites make proper use of mp3Tag such as Naijaloaded, tooxclusive, 9jaflaver, 360nobs, kurentloaded, lite9ja and many more.

How to setup Mp3tag through hosting cpanel

step1: Enter your host cpanel and togo  or input e.g (

step2: look for Public_html after logging into the cpanel

step3: Click on upload, then upload the mp3Tag file which you already have in your computer into the Public_html

step4: After uploading it into the  public html you need to carefully extract the file into the same directory (Public_html)

step5: After extracting locate a folder name ‘Tag’ click it 

step6: Locate index.php inside the extracted Tag edit it by clicking on ‘Edit’, is located at the upper side of the right side.
carefully edit this  part because any error here will lead to total damage  of the script, edit aall possible url yours including social media pages. after your editing click on save changes. 

step7: Designed image you want to use and name it Music.jpg highlight the initial music.jpg that was there then click on upload and overwrite existing files into the Tag after uploading save changes.


Visit your music upload panel by using