Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Worry Less About Any Man or Woman
Photo credit: Faith Egamana wedding 

 You hustle. You suffer. You do fasting. You pray in different prayer homes. You rub different oils. Bathe different spiritual bath. Do plenty spiritual work. Pay different fake pastors. Visit different Alfas. Chew different things. And so on. So many stories I've heard and so many life experiences I've listened to women narrate. 

All these things you did and what is your reason? A MAN..

You build a relationship with your fellow woman and you two have suffered together. Cried together. Hustled together. Encouraged each other. Made sacrifices for each other and suddenly marriage happens and you two become enemies. Why? A MAN.

Everyone was born into a family and for decades you have known only your environment and your family members. They've been there for you, stood by you, cared for you and you claim to fall in love, spend your money on him, forget your family and avoid them. Why? A MAN

What about you that spends on a man? You suffer and manage. You borrow. You take loan. You even defraud your family. You invest your money in a man, build him and forget to build yourself. You train a man in school, sponsor his education while you are an illiterate. You even reject serious suitors all because of? 


Favour oil. Attraction oil. Talk and do oil. Follow me soap. Give me money soap. Vagina oil. Kayan mata. Bottle tying. Vagina tightness. Vagina sweetness. Breast sweetner. Sex oil. Marry me oil and soap. Do not cheat perfume. Love only me powder. 

All these for who? A MAN! 

Now I ask, despite all these suffer head, who did you end up with? Otedola? Dangote? Tony Elumelu? A governor? Bill Gates? Dantata? Abi an igbo billionaire. Who? Pls tell me who did you end up with? The wives of these men did they go through what you went through? Or use any of these dustbin you people use?

Another question, the people selling all these things to you, who did they marry? How many investments? What is their worth? What impact have they made? How many NGOs are they running? How many Forbes list have they appeared? 

You know all these things yet you haven't used any to empower yourself or even enrich yourself. Why is there no career oil? Achievement powder? Forbes list perfume? Why? Everything is always centred around a dick. 

Lastly, How many men do all these to get a woman? 

Are you aware the rich marry themselves? They do not need all these witchcraft means to get married to each other. Even the poor people who later became rich, go and ask them if they used all these. They took risks and used every opportunity that came their way! 

Dear women, you need to know your worth and place a value on yourself. You do not need a man's validation! Our fore parents lied to us. You do NOT need a man before you are successful. You do NOT need a man before you know you are beautiful. You do NOT need to do rubbish before a man marries you! 

Every woman is a favour. Every woman has that great thing in her. Bible said, He that finds a wife finds a GOOD thing and obtains FAVOUR  from God! 

Every woman is powerful. You're so powerful that a man should be begging to have you in his life. If YOU were not powerful, why do men steal our menstrual pad? Why do men chop off our breast for ritual? Why do men use us for ritual? Why do men use our pants for money? Why do men use our vag*na fluid for success? How come a woman can use her breast or menses to lay a curse and it will stand? Even a mad woman is still powerful, Yet you belittle yourself and do all sorts just to have a man! 

If you are reading this and you fall in any of these category, shame on you. You have insulted the great woman in you. 

We are powerful. We are strong. Whatever you do, do it for yourself! Do not do it for a man. Go and make that money for yourself. Hustle for yourself. I always beat my chest and say it that I came this far without a man! I did it all alone! I wear my hustling badge unapologetically. Be proud of that hustle that pays your bills. If you like be selling kpomo, sneaks, bra and pant, dried fish, whatever it is you do that is legit and bringing profit, be proud of it !! Stop caging men. Stop it. 

If you set your mind on something and focus on it, give it 2yrs or 5yrs and see if you won't achieve it. There must be a change. You don't need all these suffering just to get a man. You don't! I shared my 5yrs journey with you all and you all saw the difference. Imagine what another 5yrs will look like if I keep up with my hardwork. 

Go and make your money and good responsible men will rush you. Even if you don't make the money, go and focus on self development and see them rush you. These men you see, they know what they want and trust me, the rich responsible men with sense always rush women of substance. 

Question is, ARE YOU ONE? 

When I advise you to join longrich and become a successful icon, you won't listen to me yet you'll get money to buy magic and tie a man. Worst is you people don't tie billionaires. You end up tying a man that you'll manage life with. 

Finally, leave your vag*na alone! You see that paradise, that is the only asset of enjoyment and orgasm you have. If you damage it with cancer, is it your ear that will orgasm? Can't you value your health? Can't you? Don't you even fear all the rubbish you put in? 

If your spiritual things and magic doesn't fetch you a multi billionaire, then you better throw them and work your way up there. 

Longrich is the new kayan mata. 

Even the almighty Jaaruma didn't marry an Arab billionaire. She married her former videographer. Yet you will spend your life savings on blue eye, purple band, this and that then years later you'll write different posts with "hide my id".

Wake up! You have that potential in you!. Dig it and nuture it. It won't be easy but the reward will last forever than these short term magic you do. 

I hope you will listen cos most of you read but never listen.  

No matter how lizard dey do press up, e no go get chest like alligator.

●  Azubuike Chinenye

Main Secrets Behind Successful Business Ideas

There is a widow here who approached me for details about my business and I asked her to connect with me on WhatsApp so we could discuss better. 

I gave her all the details about the business and the sustainability of the company. She loved it and appreciated my time. 

Then she proceeded to ask me, I just lost my husband and I have about N3m from his savings. What do you advise I do? Should I invest all of it as a stockist in your business or what?

I advised her with a question; Can you be determined to do this business? She said not really then I said no need. She wanted to know why. I explained.

Being a stockist doesn't end at investing. You also need to monitor your investment and how the business operates. You need to also invest your time to understand the basics of the business so that no one cheats you. 

My advise, get registered with the Family Pack and start the business. If you like what you see then invest. 

For further advise, what did you intend doing  initially? She said she wanted to do the drinks business. I supported her idea and told her how to start and what to avoid. 

She appreciated my effort and promised to get registered with the family pack. Guess what? I didn't see her again. I went for a follow up and she said, when you advised me not to start with the 3m, I felt discouraged and thought maybe it is a bad business. 

I laughed and told her that I can see she loves liars. Many networkers out there will hear such and lie to you. They will tell you to invest all the money and see plenty alerts. I cannot tell you lies especially as a widow. I am sorry for telling you the truth and if that's my punishment for saying the truth, so be it. I hung up. 

Out of guilt she came weeks later to register and abandoned the account. 

I am sharing this cos many of you are like this widow. You people love lies. You love to be deceived. You love being defrauded. 

I should have been a Star Director in Longrich under 1yr with the speed I have but see me I am a diamond leader cos I hate to tell lies. I rather tell you the truth and watch you grow than deceive you. 

As I was saying, many of you are like her. When liars come and tell you to invest 10m and get 100k every week, you will run and give them the 10m. When you realise it was all lies, that is when you will have sense.

When someone tells you the truth that you should not patronise some skincare people who whiten you under 7days you will not hear. You will go and buy the cream and when your skin becomes a war zone of rainbow colours you will go back to your friend and cry for help.

A friend will say, don't buy that iphone. Iphone is not sold that cheap you'll disobey and think your friend hates you. Only for you to end up buying packaged fufu.

When you see people with integrity advising you, pls and pls, listen to them and respect their sincerity. Mind how you rush attractive deals that have underneath tears. You will cry oh. 

I said I should gist you what happened. 

Good evening

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Green Land On Fire
Green land on fire

Green land on fire 

I lie awake tonight 

Wishing of things I can change

I try to convince myself 

But it's all so strange 

Is it me, is it you or him?

Do I try , or are we through ?

Is this the end or new beginning?

Only one can guide this 

When my head is spinning 

Don't push, don't try , don't stress, don't cry 

How can I not mix this up?

I must do a thing to save my things 

In a free forest showered green 

Lies the three zealheads 

Whom their struggles seek to save 

The future of a green giant ground 

Lost in the volume that it's held 

What a youth sat with a thoughtful earnest brow 

A moment by their  side, heard the forest rumbling 

A chest from giant red flower

Striking every tree it's met


Number 1 gaze long at the moment 

Hurrying scene below , saw the symbol of the Greenland as the red flower strives

His face was sorely troubled and perplexed

Shadow of impending harm seemed to his sight to hurry 

A giant tree looks the safes

While fiery brands above the tree 

And the masses that he loved 

The ardor and the strength of youth were his 

But the wild ,reckless avenue of youth lured not his steps 

He stood alone , apart and saw afar 

The sure destruction lowering overhead 

Saw the cursed country where a wrong 

Prevails and right must perish 

With no hand to save 

Standing , bending and kneeling 

Thus perplexed

But not as then in deep dejection plunged 

His face though earnest still was peaceful now 

The danger above shone 

At the peak of the tree 

Is less dangerous than the burning flower 

From the button 

He heard no step, no voice , no seraph saw 

Though confused , 

What can I do , what shall we do ?

My city dwells in complete dilemma 

Take the symbol and deliver it there 

For the tall tree shall serve a bridge 

I have done my own part 

It's left for history to announced.

Abdullahi Auwal.


A Conversation With An Internet Fraudster

I have always wanting to have an interview with an internet fraudster (Yahoo boys), I want to hear from the horses mouth, why they choose to follow such ignoble path 

Internet fraudster

Off course, they are every where in my neighborhood, it's easy to know them, as they always, live and look larger than life, they flaunt expensive gadget, as ladies hovers around them

Certainly, I have to come down to his level, after establishing a conversation, about how the country is hard, I  told him, I'm willing to join them, only that, I don't want to go fetish, he open up to me that, it's not necessary, that I must go fetish, only that, it would reduces my opportunity of cashing out, he was willing to help me, this gives me an opportunity to ask all my question, 

And I asked, Of all the opportunities around regardless of our economy state, why choosing to steal from people, as their action has led a lot of people to commit suicide and has left many bankrupt and battered. His reply was impressive, 

He said, life is like a jungle. A lion is chasing a zebra, the lion who has not eaten for days is praying to God not to miss out on this opportunity to eat, while the zebra on the other hand is praying also, to the same God, to spare it's life, in the end, God would answer one of their prayer, he said same is applicable, they  pray to God for their client to pay, while their client too is also praying not to be defrauded. He added, in life, it's either you are a predator or a prey, and that, it's better to be predator

I ask again, don't you think it's a bit unfair to stake the image of our dear country for a mere "Morsel of bread" he reply, there's nothing left to protect in country like Nigeria, and that she's beyond salvation, the leaders alone destroy everything and everyone just want to survive 

I ask again, after cashing out, why not invest the money in a business and stop this thing? He said, it's not that easy, he added

Monday, September 14, 2020

How To Get Adsense Approval Using Abante Cart CMS

 How To Get Adsense Approval Using Abante Cart CMS

All this google adsense approval tips have been sharing so far are tested and working fine have been using it and all are working fine just decided dropping the tips for the benefit of all.

I would always recommend you get a new domain cause I can't predict such format for an old domain which must have gotten rejected before. So now get a new domain, before you buy a new domain please do the following.

1. Make sure the domain have not been used before and dumped, use whois to check the history of the domain name you want to buy, making sure it has not been used before.

2. When you must have bought the domain, add the domain to your hosting plan. This is where the work is, when you add the domain to your hosting do not install WordPress, check your cms you will see something like AbanteCart, install it for the particular domain you want adsense on.

3. Now after installation of the AbanteCart you would notice a demo content there, do well to delete all the demo content.

4. Now write 10 unique contents of at least 1000 words, the contents should be on product review thereby adding the price tag also and image, Download your image from pixabay only.

5. Before the completion of the 10 articles, write 5 articles first then apply, when it's under review make sure you write another 5 articles within 3days of applying.

6. Now force people to visit the site at least 10 page views daily to increase the impression, please avoid traffics from Facebook unless you want to condemn the domain

7. Wait for 2 weeks maximum and your adsense will be approved.

8. Please make sure you don't apply with email or device that you have used before, better still go to a cyber Cafe create new Gmail using a fresh phone number then apply their, after two weeks visit the cyber Cafe again to check your application status. 

For those flooding my inbox for adsense approval please Brethrens chance no dey for me have been very much busy, just follow this tips and you will get approved.

Sunday, September 13, 2020


 Guys what do have to say about this 👇👇👇


I'm short of words here.

Some persons r being intimidated because of love,

While some maltreat those that loves them so much emotionally and physically....

Please what's your take on this?...I really want to learn 🙏🙏🙏

You people should say something na 😭😭😭

Relationship or intimidation-ship 1

Relationship or intimidation-ship

In a broad sense relationship has to do with the spontaneous flow of emotions transmitting from one person to another or it is the free flow of love one has for his family, friends or romantic partner e.t.c. 

 In our world today relationship is other words refer to as a game of fulfillment without any cordial connection hinged to one another instead it's comes with a lot of complications to despair.

However, relationship is diversified in various terms with numerous conditions attached to it.

 Most persons are in a relationship with someone due to their Target about life while others are in it to underestimate or intimidate someone because of their influence. I do tell people, if you can't love your neighbour as yourself then stay clear from them instead of pretending to like/love them.

I overheard some persons saying "Omo dis life no balance at all," is clearly stated in the Holy Book that the Almighty made everything in His own image and likeness and if to you who is a mere mortal keep complaining about this life not being balance indirectly you're saying God didn't try in his creation perfectly. God is not an author of confusion, this life seems not to be balanced to you because of what your fellow man is turning the earth to.

More so, evil decrement the cruciality of the world by diminishing its countenance gradually to its selfish gain. I could remember the story of a young girl that was married to a man of 70years due  to avidity and later maltreated like a slave in the house. While, her father borrowed some money from this man and couldn't pay back he had no option  than to use his 14years old daughter as collateral due to a lot of pressures to sort out his debt. Too bad this young child was turned into a punching bag with excuses that she was sold as a slave and most be treated as one.

To be continued

Elizabeth T O Joshua

Stay tuned 😁❤️

Relationship or intimidation-ship 2

 Relationship or intimidation-ship (continues)

In the year 2018, I went to make my hair at one compound close to my house. When I got there the hair dresser was somehow busy at that time and I was asked to wait for some time. I sat on the Wooden bench beside the wall of the house watching everything that goes and comes. 

My attention was diverted by what I saw, a lady was having a chit-chat with a guy along the roadside and some guy appeared from nowhere and asked her to follow him  inside the house...I supposed that should be her lover. She obeyed him and we heard someone crying from the room for help, I wanted to go there to know what was happening in there but the hair dresser instructed me not to go and said that's how they behave all time under the disguise of love.

After some minute the  guy came out from his room holding a belt looking so furious , he commanded the lady to come out that he want to lock his room up. The lady came out looking so moody and weak , through her eyes you will know that she has been crying for long with bruises all over her body...ahh! this love/relationship or intimidation-ship I asked myself.

 They left, and the hair dresser narrated everything about them to me that the lady had a child for someone but refuses to stay with the man even after he pleaded and confessed to marry and take good care of her wonderfully. She turned him down and decided to follow this guy that beats and disgrace her every minutes of the day because of one stupid love. Indeed love has stolen her sense of reasoning and also blinded her eyes to see properly. How can you love some one that intimidate or molest you all the time?...this is super crazy!!!

Is this Relationship or intimidation-ship?🤔🤔🤔

To be continued

Thanks for your time

Elizabeth T O Joshua